The Registration System


The Registration System

When a registration system for CLD practitioners in Scotland was first raised, prior to the formation of the Interim Standards Council, the Scottish Government and CLD practitioners had common ambitions for such a system:

  • To consolidate CLD as a clear and distinct professional area
  • To strengthen a shared professional identity within this diverse area of practice
  • To define and maintain high standards within CLD practice

The Interim Standards Council delivered a series of roadshows to involve practitioners in developing these ambitions further and the baton was then taken on by the Standards Council Registration and Membership Committee after the 1st March 2009.

The committee consulted with experts in establishing registration systems and, following much discussion, recommended a voluntary model of registration for workers, managers, training providers and others involved in CLD. The model would be based on an individual commitment – the minimum requirement for registration.

The Minimum Requirement for Registration

Registration Committee

All individuals seeking registration with the CLD Standards Council for Scotland will be required to formally commit to the following principles:

  • Commitment to the values underpinning CLD
  • Commitment to the Code of Ethics for CLD
  • Commitment to ongoing CPD
  • Commitment to practise using the CLD competences

The Development Process

Using the recommendations from the Registration Committee, the Standards Council engaged consultants – SOPRA Group – to develop a proposed model.

SOPRA Group, alongside the Standards Council, ran a series of consultation events with practitioners across Scotland on the proposed model in Spring 2011. The resulting report has been tabled at both Registration and Executive Committee meetings. It can be downloaded here.

The Registration System

Using the SOPRA Group report as a starting point, the Registration and Membership Committee drafted the Registration System Document (Archive Version)– the foundation for the Registration System launched on 27th March 2013.
This system document was revised in September 2016 to reflect the closure of the 10 years experience route to registration.
Registration System Document 2016