Learner Pathway

Learner Pathway

The Learner Pathway for each Community Learning and Development worker is unique; it starts when the person decides that CLD is where they want to be (or even before they realise that!)

The Standards Council has developed a series of Learner Pathway resources to provide signposts and support as you create your own pathway.

Regardless of your goal – earning a degree, moving into a new job, improving existing skills – your Learner Pathway takes in all learning opportunities and values them no matter where they stem from: CPD activity, volunteering, certificated and non-certificated training, mentoring, work shadowing… The list is endless.

Depending on your starting point, your pathway may be short, simple and straight or longer and more complicated. It almost certainly won’t look like the pathway your colleague is on – it is individual to you – but the values, principles and competences underpinning it will be shared.

The Standards Council Learner Pathway resources will be published throughout 2014. The first resource – a guide to SCQF accredited learning opportunities – is available below.