Purpose and Objectives


Purpose of the CLD Standards Council

The Standards Council for Community Learning and Development for Scotland will work with the sector to establish and maintain high standards of practice in CLD across Scotland.


The CLD Standards Council will:

  • Approve CLD training, skills and development opportunities
  • Implement a system of registration for CLD practitioners
  • Work with partners to develop models and standards for the delivery of continuing professional development and training
  • Work with employers and partners to ensure high quality workforce development strategies, including the design of their supported induction
  • Advocate on behalf of the sector on matters pertaining to registration, training courses and CPD in CLD
  • Advise government with regard to registration, training courses and CPD in CLD


  • Individuals, groups and communities will be supported by reflective, competent and confident CLD practitioners (whether paid or voluntary) to achieve their goals and aspirations
  • Practitioners will receive appropriate initial training and support to fulfil their roles
  • Practitioners will actively and continuously develop their skills and practice
  • The CLD sector will engage in a raised standard of professional debate with groups, communities and practitioners
  • Employers will promote, acknowledge and value the skills, knowledge and understanding of practitioners
  • The CLD sector will be widely recognised and valued amongst other professional disciplines, policy makers and the general public

How are we doing?

View our 2015-16 annual report highlighting progress that the Standards Council is making toward our Objectives, and the work we have undertaken to fulfil our Responsibilities.