Requirements for Registration

What you need to register

The Register is open to all CLD practitioners who demonstrate the values, principles, competences, Code of Ethics and commitment to continuing professional learning  that underpin the sector, with two types of membership, based on qualifications and experience:

Registered members

  • Practitioners with a Standards Council recognised qualification AND a years full-time equivalent practice in a community learning and development setting, (gained largely after qualification)

Registered associate members

Full-time, part-time and voluntary practitioners in community learning and development including:

  • Practitioners who have recently completed an approved professional qualification but have still to gain a years verified practice, or
  • Students undertaking a CLD qualification, or
  • Practitioners with a qualification below degree level, or
  • Practitioners with qualifications in other disciplines

If you do not have a recognised qualification  you may still be able to become a registered member of the CLD Standards Council through our Individual Recognition Process (IRP). The IRP route recognises experience and commitment and considers alternate qualifications.

Commitment required for Registration

All practitioners seeking to register as Members of the Standards Council must formally commit to the following principles:

In particular community learning and development practitioners will:

  • Communicate with constituents, other professionals and partner agencies in an open, honest, accurate and straightforward manner
  • Challenge any unlawful or unjustifiable discrimination by constituents, other community learning and development practitioners and colleagues in other professions

Community learning and development practitioners will not:

  • Behave in such a way, inside or outside of work, that will call in to question the individual’s suitability to work in community learning and development
  • Behave in such a way, inside or outside of work, that will bring the profession of community learning and development in to disrepute

Providing a referee for registration

All practitioners seeking to register as Members of the Standards Council must provide a referee who is willing to confirm that the applicant has evidenced their commitment to the principles and practices as described and is a suitable candidate for Membership of the CLD Standards Council  Scotland.
Further information on referees is available on i-develop.

Register now!

Apply online on I-develop – follow the steps outlined to download the application form, complete and then submit your application.

Moving from Associate member to Registered Member

If you are registered as an Associate member and have now obtained a recognised qualification and the required experience you can apply to become a registered member.  Follow the application guidance.

About the Registration system

Find out more about the CLD Standards Council Registration System

Becoming an Alumni Member

Find out about becoming an Alumni Member when you leave practice.