Professional Development Strategy


The Standards Council’s vision for all CLD practitioners is that their participation in continuous professional development activities will be a central and established part of their practice.
In 2011, the Standards Council published the first national Continuing Professional Development strategy for CLD. It promoted a “learning culture”, where practitioners, paid or unpaid, are involved in a continuous process of learning, development and improvement.

Growing the Learning Culture in CLD

The strategy was updated in 2015 and published with the title “Growing the Learning Culture in CLD: A Strategy Statement and Framework for Action” it provides the focus for the next stage of support for CLD practitioners, their employers, learning providers and national partners to work together to achieve the vision.

Available to download in 4 parts –

Part 1: Introduction

Outlining what defines CLD as a profession and the Standards Council’s understanding of professional development.
Download: Introduction

Part 2: The Strategy Statement

Setting out ambitions for professional development and challenges for the next stage of growing the learning culture.
Download: Strategy Statement

Part 3:  Poster format Strategy Diagram and Framework for Action Diagram

Download: Poster

Part 4:  The Framework for Action

Maps out the practical steps that practitioners, their employers, Education Scotland and national intermediary organisations and the Standards Council can take together to achieve the ambitions set out in the Strategy.  Identifies the key considerations in assessing the impact and quality of professional development.
Download: Framework for action