Introducing the CLD Standards Council

This video describes who we are and what we do.

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CLD Standards Council logo
The professional body for people who work or volunteer in CLD

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Text: What do we do?

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Text: Our vision

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Text: Scotland’s communities are served by competent, confident practitioners.

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Text: Our values

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Text: Self-determination, Empowerment, Inclusion, Collaborative Working, Lifelong Learning

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Text: Our Code of Ethics. Sets standards of behaviour for CLD Standards Council members.

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Text: Our objectives

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Text: Approvals, Professional Learning, Policy & Practice, Registration

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Text: Let’s take each in turn

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Text: Approvals

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Text: Our 3 approval routes quality assure qualifications & training in the CLD sector

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Text: 1. Professional – e.g. Degree/Post Graduate. 2. Developmental e.g. PDA/SVQ

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Text: 3. Standards Mark – for organisations/teams offering CLD Professional Learning

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Text: Professional Learning

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Text: We support and develop Professional Learning opportunities for CLD practitioners

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Text: Undertaking Professional Learning is required for Standards Council registration

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Text: Click, Chat, Connect. I-develop CPD Forum. Virtual Meet-ups

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Text: Policy & Practice

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Image: Rotating circles
Text: Growing the Learning Culture. National Occupational Standards

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Image: Outline of person
Text: Registration

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Text: What do our members say?

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Text: I love connecting with peers across Scotland. I don’t feel so isolated.

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Text: The professional learning resources on i-develop are fab! So many and varied.

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Text: I’m part of something, get support and share ideas. I’m a valued CLD practitioner.

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Image: Coloured diamonds with the word ‘Join’ in the middle
Text: Find the registration form on i-develop

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Image: People outlines in background
Text: CLD Standards Council Scotland. A community of practice.

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Text: Social media… Twitter @cldstandards Slack YouTube

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Image: CLD Standards Council Logo
Text: CLD standards council website i-develop website