Professional Learning

The importance of professional learning

Everyone needs Professional Learning and development

Whether a person is a full time, part time or voluntary CLD practitioner, qualified or unqualified, they need to undertake professional learning and development in order to develop and maintain their practice.
The Standards Council believes that  practitioners should continue their professional development throughout their involvement in CLD, with professional learning as an integral part of their practice.

The professional learning and development review process

The requirement to undertake professional learning and development is a key requirement of registration as a Registered or Associate member of the CLD Standards Council.  It applies regardless of the category of membership as it is incumbent that all members maintain and develop their practice through critical reflection on their Professional Learning and Development.
We have developed a professional learning and development review process and members are required to confirm they have adhered to this when they renew their membership.
See details of the professional learning and development review process

Professional learning support from the CLD Standards Council

Professional Development Strategy : Growing the Learning Culture
Promoting a “learning culture” and providing advice for practitioners, employers and other partners learning, development and improvement.

The i-develop  web service is designed to support creative and innovative learning and development for CLD practitioners.

Supporting the National professional networks
We work in partnership with the National professional learning networks providing CLD Standards Council staff support and access to funding opportunities.  Information on the networks can be found on i-develop.

Standards Mark
The Standards Council has worked with partners to develop the Standards Council Standards Mark, which supports employers to develop their organisation as a learning community for their workforce.

Career Pathways for CLD

The CLD Standards Council has identified that for those wishing to continue to develop their skills and professional practice, a clear, supported pathway is essential.  We have conducted a review and produced a report.

The role of the Professional Learning committee

The Standards Council’s work on professional development is led by the Professional Learning committee. This ensures that we respond to the challenges and opportunities identified by the field, while engaging with and influencing relevant broader developments.