Professional Practice Placement Standards

CLDSC have worked with the CLD Sector to develop these materials to help support the Professional Practice Placement experience. The standards and templates form part of a full suite of Professional Approval material along with the Professional Approval Standards and Professional Approval Process.

The aim of these CLD Professional Practice Placement Standards documents is to clarify roles and responsibilities for all involved in the placement process and promote consistently high quality CLD practice.

Practice Placement Standards

About Practice placements

CLD Professional Practice Placements require a strong partnership between Student CLD Practitioners, the field of CLD practice and educational providers, and it is important to recognise that the Student CLD Practitioners are instrumental to getting the very best from their own CLD Professional Practice Placement experience. A professional CLD Practitioner must take responsibility for ensuring they gain the opportunity and exposure to enhance their own skills. The templates will help Student CLD Practitioners to focus, and sharing with their Educational Provider and their Practice Placement Supervisor whenever they meet will aide discussions.

Templates for use by CLD Students, Placement providers and Educational Providers –

For guidance on use and coding of the templates please refer to the Practice Placement Standards page 17.

Good luck to our CLD Student Practitioners in their studies. CLDSC looks forward to catching up with Practice Placement Supervisors and Educational Providers to ensure these templates are fit for purpose and in the meantime, remember if you are working, volunteering or studying in CLD check in to Register with CLDSC and take time to encourage fellow students, practice placement providers and educational providers to also Register.

Once you are making use of the templates and documents please let us know if there is something you think is missing, not clear, needs amended etc by emailing us at

Important Note

You should also see Guidance for CLD Students and Programme Providers for academic year 2021/22