i-develop: Learning for CLD

i-develop tree logoWhat is it?

i-develop is the national web-based professional learning service supporting innovative learning and development for CLD practitioners, based on the values, principles, skills and competences shared by CLD practitioners and employers.

I-develop integrates the theory and practice that shape professional learning for the CLD sector, including peer support, communities of practice, learning journeys and reflection-in-action.

What is provided

Nine strands – providing context, practice and resources for practitioners including motivating and leading others, quality improvement, communities of practice.

Thematic uploads of resource developed by the field for use by practitioners across all sectors and all stages of development.

Group spaces developed by the National CPD Networks or other organisations where they share professional learning material.  Your own organisation may have its own discreet space here with meterial targeted to local developmental needs.

CPD Forum where practitioners can discuss and share knowledge and experience

Getting started

I-develop is fundamentally a website with information and videos and documents to download.  It does have a few extra features that you need to login to use but a great deal of it is available without login.

You can download the full User Guide to i-develop.

Why not give a it a try ?  I-develop