Ethical Practice – Competent Practitioners

Who is this resource for?

We see Ethical Practice – Competent Practitioners as relevant to anyone who does community learning or community development work, whatever sector or context they work in, whatever age groups they work with, and however they describe what they do.

A commitment to practice in line with the Code of Ethics is a condition of membership of the Community Learning and Development Standards Council.

Rory Macleod, former Head of the CLD Standards Council, introduces the resource and explains why it matters:

Why do ethics matter?

Community Learning and Development (CLD) is a values-based profession. The values underpinning CLD have been widely agreed, and the CLD Competences provide a framework for practice. But how we practice needs to be directly informed by why we’re doing it – the CLD Code of Ethics provides the means for us to make this connection.

Getting your bearings

Each section is an individual PDF. Clicking on the links below will open the section in a new window.

  • You will find the Code of Ethics itself here.
  • Section 1 is an introduction and includes some initial topics for reflection and discussion which provide starting points for using the other sections.
  • Section 2covers what we mean by “ethics” and explores theories, frameworks and professionalism.
  • Section 3 looks at ethics in CLD and considers four themes in particular: boundaries, accountability, “enforcement” and professional identity.
  • Section 4 offers worksheets exploring each clause of the Code of Ethics in depth, highlighting links to the CLD Competences and offering prompt questions about applying ethical principles.
  • Section 5 is about embedding the Code of Ethics in practice as an organisation. This section is designed to be of particular relevance to senior managers with responsibility for CLD.
  • The final essay –  CLD: From Vision to Practice  – sets the Code and the Competence Framework into the context of the purpose and values of CLD and highlights their central role in making a commitment to high standards of practice.

You can also  download the the whole resource as one here

The Code of Ethics was refreshed in Autumn 2017.
This document is still to be refreshed and so shows the original version.