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Join the CLD Standards Council and become a Registered member or Associate member. Becoming a member is free !

The CLD Standards Council Registration System

  • Consolidates CLD as a clear and distinct professional area
  • Strengthens a shared professional identity within this diverse area of practice
  • Defines and maintains high standards within CLD practice

Why join?

Become a member and you can:

  • Engage in professional dialogue, nationally and locally
  • Be part of a recognised professional body
  • Take part in learning opportunities
  • Drive forward new developments in our sector
  • Be involved in Standards Council events and activities
  • Have a key influence on policy initiatives and responses
  • Play a lead role in shaping the future of the Standards Council

Who can become a member ?

Membership is open to CLD practitioners who demonstrate commitment to the values, principles, Code of ethics and Continuing professional learning that under pin the sector.
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There are 2 categories of membership depending on your qualifications and CLD Practice and Experience:  Associate membership or Registered membership.
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