Roles and Responsibilities

Professional Learning Roles and Responsibilities

The Standards Council

We will nurture a culture of learning in our sector in order that individual engagement will contribute to the development of the whole profession; we will celebrate learning, relish challenge and reflect critically on our practice.

Our vision for all CLD practitioners is that their participation in continuous professional development activities will be a central and established part of their practice. Through this they will demonstrate and enhance their commitment to a culture of learning where:

  • Learning is celebrated, recognised and encouraged
  • Learning is reflected on and shared
  • Challenge is relished and embraced
  • Critical reflection is embedded in practice
  • Individuals can explore learning related to their role throughout their careers

This culture is underpinned by the values and competences of CLD and commitment to our Code of Ethics.


  • Ensure that their organisation becomes a learning community for the entire workforce
  • Develop and implement a professional learning policy
  • Provide continuous leadership and support for professional learning opportunities
  • Strengthen and extend local partnerships
  • Encourage sharing of and learning from good practice


  • Ensure they maintain and develop their competence through reflective practice and professional learning
  • Integrate directly with personal development plans
  • Take responsibility for their own learning