Committee Membership

Who are the committees

Our Committee membership is drawn from across the full spectrum of activity and contexts in CLD. We believe that their combined knowledge, skills and experience is our most valuable asset, ensuring we are a peer led body working in the interests of the field.

We have an Executive Committee which oversees all our work and ensures that we are fulfilling our responsibilities and effectively representing the CLD sector.

committee members

There are 3 further committees corresponding to our core responsibilities:

Committees meet on a quarterly basis, with the first meeting of the year being a joint meeting of the full Standards Council.

Clicking on a Committee names above will take you to a list of members.

Standing Orders and Operational guidance

This guidance provides the basic information that members of the Executive Committee or one of the functional committees will need to understand their role.

Why I joined the Standards Council

I want to help ensure that CLD remains true to its core values of social justice and empowerment and resist the temptation to be just a tool that engages people in prescribed, top-down programmes.

I hope that the work of the Standards Council will help to bring recognition for the work that we do, from individuals and groups and from other professionals too.

I applied to be part of the Standards Council because I believe that it is our chance to establish the credibility of the service locally and nationally. I wanted to be part of shaping the Council and establishing our professional position nationally.