The CLD Standards Council approves qualifications and training for the CLD Sector.

Approval is a form of quality assurance and ensures that the programme, course or provider:

  • Has adhered to the relevant set of standards/guidelines
  • Is judged by peers to equip an individual with sufficient knowledge and skills to begin practising in the broad field of CLD.

There are 3 levels of approval

  • Professional Approval – for degree and post graduate level courses
  • Developmental Approval – for qualifications below degree level e.g. HNC or PDA type courses
  • Standards Mark – for organisations delivering learning opportunities to staff / volunteers

Read more about approvals  the aims and objectives of approval, the work of the Approvals Committee and the previous history of approvals.

Advice for Providers of qualifications and training

If you are a provider please see the additional guidance  to select the appropriate level of approval and the process for each type of approval.

Advice for students / learners

If you are interested in qualifications and training you can review the courses and organisations that are currently approved.

Students on professionally approved courses should also follow the Professional Practice Placement Standards.