The development of a national body for CLD was a commitment made in the Scottish Executive’s report, Empowered to Practice (2003). This considered the future of CLD training in Scotland.

In June 2004 a Short Life Task Group was convened to advise Ministers about establishing a practitioner-led body with responsibility for endorsement and accreditation of training, consideration of a model for registration for CLD and development of a model of supported induction and continuing professional development ( CPD). Its recommendations can be found in   Strengthening Standards: Improving the Quality of Community Learning and Development Service Delivery(2007).

Ministers agreed that the CLD Standards Council should be put in place, building on the work of Ceve Scotland and with the additional remit of exploring registration for practitioners and putting in place a supported induction and CPD structure for the field.full-council-meeting-2009-2

In approving the establishment of the CLD Standards Council it was agreed that an interim structure would be put in place, with the remit of presenting a sustainable model to Scottish Ministers. Proposals were put before the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning in February 2008 and recruitment to the first CLD Standards Council was completed in December 2008.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning has directed the CLD Standards Council to:

  • Deliver a professional approvals structure for qualifications, courses and development opportunities for everyone involved in CLD
  • Consider and establish a registration system available to practitioners delivering and active in CLD practice
  • Develop and establish a model of supported induction, CPD and training opportunities