Qualifications recognised for registration

To become a registered member of the CLD Standards Council an applicant must have achieved an recognised CLD qualification at an appropriate level.
Note that you do not need to have a recognised qualification to become a registered associate member.

Scottish Qualifications

This list details the Scottish CLD programmes that are recognised for registration purposes.

Registration Recognised Qualifications October 2016

Qualifications from other parts of the UK

Qualifications of an appropriate level that are approved by equivalent bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland may also be accepted for registration.
You can check the historic list for National Youth Agency Qualifications for England via this link : http://www.nya.org.uk/resource/historical-validation-database-march-2016/

And for ETS Wales – http://etswales.org.uk/home.php?page_id=5153

Cannot find your qualification ?

If you cannot identify your qualification on the lists, you may still be able to become a registered member of the CLD Standards Council through our Individual Recognition Process(IRP). The IRP route recognises experience and commitment and considers alternate qualifications.
You may alternatively be able to register as an associate member.

The first step is to apply for registration and provide your details and we can then advise on options for you.