Career Pathways for CLD

Background to June 2020 report

As acknowledged by Scottish Ministers, Community Learning and Development (CLD) has a key role to play in supporting Scottish Government policy objectives to create a fairer and more inclusive Scotland.

From working in learning hubs and supporting communities to deliver vital services, to developing and delivering online learning resources for young people, adults, community groups and supporting volunteers, professionally qualified CLD practitioners have played, and will continue to play, an important part in the response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CLD Standards Council has identified that for those wishing to continue to develop their skills and professional practice, a clear, supported learning pathway is essential.

We have conducted a review of the professional learning opportunities currently available for both CLD practitioners, and those seeking to gain appropriate qualifications, in Scotland. This review has assessed the range of existing pathways and has identified actions to make them more effective and efficient.

It is the view of the CLD Standards Council that the need for appropriately qualified practitioners is essential to ensure that learners receive a high quality experience in line with Scottish Government ambitions for the people of Scotland.

Download June 2020 report

Improving Pathways for CLD Practitioners – 2021 Survey

In June 2021, CLD Standards Council Scotland distributed an online survey form with partners nationally focused on improving career pathways for CLD practitioners.
The purpose of undertaking this survey was to:

  • identify demand for training and qualifications;
  • assist in the development of a nationally agreed and endorsed framework for guiding employers on recruitment policy; and
  • to inform the creation of a Workforce Strategy for CLD practitioners.

Download 2021 Survey Report

The next stage for the CLD Standards Council will be to engage with the providers of CLD qualifications to consider the review and its proposed actions in order to create a more cohesive framework for those seeking to gain appropriate accreditation.