CLD Standards Council Scotland Logo Usage Guidelines

Guidelines 2017

Permission to use the logo

The CLD Standards Council logo is copy right to the CLD Standards Council Scotland and must only be used or reproduced with our permission.

If you have had a course approved or obtained standards mark for your CLD training you are permitted to use the CLD Standards Council logo on your marketing or promotional material relating to the specific course or training which was approved.

The guidelines for presenting the logo –

  • The logo can be presented in full colour on a white un-patterned background, or placed on a solid white box if the background is not white.  Alternatively for use on a coloured background there are black and white versions available on request
  • The logo must not be presented smaller than 80×80 pixels on a standard screen resolution or smaller than 20x20mm on printed material.   There is no maximum size limit but the aspect ratio must be maintained and the complete logo must be visible – i.e. not cropped or cut off in any way.
  • The logo must not be overlapped by any other graphic or text.

Formats available-

  • .jpeg – this is the most suitable file format for screen and web use, or  for print up to 65mm wide using MS Office applications (Word, PowerPoint etc).
  • .eps – this is the file format suitable for commercial print.  It can only be accessed by a graphics package.

Download as ZIP: CLD Standards Council Colour Logo

If you have questions about the use of the logo please contact :-