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CLD Standards Council Logo

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Membership Information

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Who can join CLD Standards Council?

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Anyone working or volunteering in Community Learning & Development in Scotland can join.
Membership is free.
You renew your membership every 3 years.

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There are 3 routes to membership…

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Associate Member
For those without a CLD Degree, but who are working or volunteering in CLD.
Also for those studying qualifications.

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Registered Member
For those with a CLD degree level qualification recognised by CLDSC.

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Registered Member
Individual Recognition Process
If you don’t have a CLDSC recognised Degree, through our Individual Recognition Process you can demonstrate that education, training and experience has equipped you to a comparable standard.

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Membership Commitments

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CLD Values
CLD Ethics
Professional Learning

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CLD Values

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Working Collaboratively
Lifelong Learning

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Code of Ethics

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Primary Client, Social Context, Equity, Empowerment, Self-awareness, Boundaries, Self-care, Duty of Care, Transparency, Confidentiality, Cooperation, Professional Learning

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Professional Learning

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What counts as Professional Learning?
Conferences, Work Shadowing, Training Events & Workshops, Focussed Professional Reading…and also…

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What counts as Professional Learning?
Peer Support, Professional Dialogue with Colleagues, Online Learning…and much more.

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How much Professional Learning do I need to do?
The amount per year is based on the hours of CLD practice you undertake per week:
Full-time? 35 hours of Professional Learning per year.
Part-time? E.g. 6 hours per week = 6 hours per year of Professional Learning

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Why should I join?
What are the benefits of membership?
Here’s what our members say…

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Reinforce our Profession, Be part of a larger CLD community, Influence Policy. Access Training & Development Opportunities

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Access Events, Peer to Peer Support, Weekly Member Bulletins, Virtual Meet-Ups, Solidarity

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Join your CLD Professional Body today!

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