National Occupational Standards

What are National Occupational Standards?

There are National Occupational Standards (NOS), specifying the standards of performance individuals must achieve in the workplace, together with the knowledge and understanding required for roles, for most employment sectors. They were originally developed by Sector Skills Councils for the UK as a whole; skills policy in England has shifted away from NOS and they are currently managed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) on behalf of the three devolved administrations.

You can also access NOS by searching the NOS Database website

What is CLD Standards Council’s role in the development of National Occupational Standards?

The CLD Standards Council has undertaken the review and creation of a range of National Occupational Standards relevant to CLD practice. This involves consulting with industry experts across the four nations within the UK, amending existing NOS where appropriate and developing new NOS according to the roles the sector representatives identify.
National Occupational Standards can be used to complement the CLD Competences in reflecting on, developing and strengthening practice.

Current NOS reviewed/developed by CLD Standards Council