Stories of CLD Practice

Community Learning and Development work is done in a varied range of contexts, by people with many different job titles and by others who work as volunteers; they may be doing youth work, adult learning or community development; they may have a particular focus on health issues, or housing, or early years education, or – the list could go on. What makes the work they do CLD is shared values and methods of practice – see the Values, Code of Ethics and Competences.

Telling the stories of CLD practice is essential for explaining what we do and why it matters; and it’s a great way of sharing experience. The stories you can see here are examples of practice and individuals experience of working in CLD, and the impact they make on people and communities.

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Practitioner spotlight: Stephen Jack

Practitioner spotlight: Rory Brown

Practitioner spotlight: Laura Sutherland

Flourish Group at Dundee International Women’s Centre

Improving opportunities for learning and development in remote rural communities

Supporting young people to develop confidence, autonomy, and skills

Practitioner spotlight: Dollywood Foundation UK Regional Director