Develop and support collaborative working

Purpose: so that people can enhance decision making and collaborative activities that impact on the quality of life of individuals and communities.

Context: CLD practitioners need to understand, recognise and value the benefits of collaboration and build appropriate and effective alliances, networks and other forms of working together.

As a competent practitioner able to develop and support collaborative working you will be able to demonstrate that you can:

  • develop and support collaborative working within your own organisation;
  • initiate collaborative working with relevant organisations;
  • participate in partnership and collaborative working;
  • support community participation in partnership and collaborative working using appropriate styles and forms of communication including electronic channels;
  • clarify and articulate the role of your own organisation and that of others;
  • negotiate and agree roles in collaborative and joint work, taking a leadership role where appropriate;
  • identify, put in place or provide appropriate training and development opportunities for collaborative working;
  • challenge and be challenged on issues undermining effective partnership working being aware of tensions and conflicts;
  • manage the ending of collaborative and joint relationships.

These competences and indicators should be read in conjunction with the definition of a competent CLD worker.

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