Facilitate and promote community empowerment

Purpose: so that people can take individual and collective action to bring about change.

Context: CLD practice is built on critical analysis of internal and external factors that influence individual and community priorities and has a distinctive role in working with people to take action to identify and influence decisions that impact on the quality of individual and community life.

As a competent practitioner able to facilitate and promote community empowerment you will be able to demonstrate that you can support individuals, groups and communities to:

  • analyse and understand power dynamics and decision-making processes;
  • use community action as a means to achieve change;
  • be inclusive and involve the wider community;
  • interact within and across communities;
  • participate in decision-making structures and processes;
  • campaign for change;
  • identify and manage community assets.

These competences and indicators should be read in conjunction with the definition of a competent CLD worker.

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