Know and understand the community in which we work

Purpose: so that practitioners can work with individuals and communities to identify and plan action based on knowledge of some of the internal and external influences at work.

Context: understanding the context within which our work takes place will be based upon our knowledge of social, political and wider environmental influences on communities.  Competent CLD practitioners are aware of the relevant global and local factors that impact on the community with which they work.

Indicators: As a competent practitioner with an understanding of the community/ environment in which you work, you will be able to demonstrate that you can:

  • conduct an external community/ environment assessment, considering the political, economic and social context of the community;
  • investigate internal views and information relating to the area within which you work;
  • critically analyse internal and external factors impacting on individuals and communities;
  • identify needs, assets and opportunities using relevant information and evidence;
  • involve other stakeholders in identifying and agreeing needs and local priorities;
  • evidence an awareness of challenges relating to barriers to participation within the local community/environment;
  • ascertain conflicting needs and demands.

These competences and indicators should be read in conjunction with the definition of a competent CLD worker.

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