Organise and manage resources

Purpose: so that individuals, communities and organisations can achieve effective management of community assets and resources, services and organisations.

Context: CLD practitioners need to understand the culture of organisations, the responsibilities of those involved and how organisation and management styles, practices and governance relate to sustainable organisations.

As a competent practitioner with an understanding of planning, organising and managing resources you will be able to demonstrate that you can:

  • develop and plan programmes and project activities;
  • manage and monitor programmes and project activities;
  • promote and manage a culture based on equality;
  • organise, deploy and monitor resources effectively;
  • recruit, manage and support people (staff, volunteers);
  • identify and access funding/ resources including any physical or human resource that support the community learning and development process. This could include technical equipment and digital technologies (including hardware, online tools and apps);
  • understand and manage risk;
  • interpret and apply relevant legislation.

These competences and indicators should be read in conjunction with the definition of a competent CLD worker.

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