The Five Key Attributes


Knowledge and understanding

Training, theory and practice provide the basis of acquiring new knowledge and growing understanding

CLD values and principles

The values and principles of CLD are fundamental in ensuring both the social justice outcomes of CLD and the skills needed and the processes chosen. These are:

  • Self-determination
  • Inclusion
  • Empowerment
  • Working collaboratively
  • Promotion of learning as a lifelong activity

Attitude and behaviour

Personal development in the form of focus, self-management, effective communication and presentation, responsibility and accountability, the ability to influence and to deal with complexity, change and diversity and self-development of practitioners in a range of relationships and partnerships

Skills and processes

Interpersonal and listening skills and the ability to negotiate with and influence people where appropriate are essential. As is the ability to initiate, develop and maintain relationships with other professionals and with local people and groups and work with people using:

  • non-formal contact;
  • informal support, and
  • informal and formal learning and development opportunities

Reflection and action

So that you integrate your knowledge, skills, values and attitudes with your experience and use self-assessment, participative processes and evidence of the impact of your work to plan and manage your activities and identify your learning and development needs.

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