Response to Consultation on Minimum Learning Hours 2023

This consultation from 21st March until 13th June 2023 sought views on the Scottish Government’s proposal to set in law the minimum number of learning hours provided in public and grant aided schools, by setting a legal minimum number of hours of school education school pupils should receive each year. Traditionally, Scottish primary schools provide around 25 learning hours per week, and Scottish secondary schools around 27.5 hours per week. However, while local authorities are required to have their schools open for 190 days each year, the number of learning hours is not prescribed.

The CLD Standard Council consulted with members regarding the online survey questions for this consultation. Key points were regarding around those vulnerable children and families that the CLD profession work with who may be negatively impacted by this legislation, and to look at increasing exemptions to enable those most vulnerable to be recognised and supported and not penalised for being unable to attend school. We also highlighted that a significant amount of non-formal, informal and wider achievement qualifications happened through CLD out with school and asked for assurance that these hours would and could be included, as well as calling for recognition of the CLD sector within Scottish education system with lifelong and life wide learning, and a movement towards parity of esteem for the CLD profession with other teaching professions. For full response information see the report submitted by the CLD Standards Council, behalf of its members, on 13th June 2023.