Response to the Community Wealth Building Consultation – May 2023

The CLD Standards Council responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Community Wealth Building legislation and their developmental plans regarding Community Wealth Building (CWB) as an approach to delivering inclusive growth across Scotland. This response gave us the opportunity to spotlight the critical role that the Community Learning and Development (CLD) workforce already offers in creating and supporting prosperous, robust, skilled and sustainable communities.

While it is recognised that many other public and voluntary sector staff contribute to the type of engagement required to support a successful community wealth building approach, we believe CLD practitioners both paid and voluntary, are best placed in terms of their skills and relationships with communities to co-ordinate activities and demonstrate good practice. It is essential to acknowledge that community development practitioners already play a crucial role in supporting the skills and learning needed for the implementation and development of community groups in response to emerging need.

This response was compiled following consultation with members of the CLD Standards Council and partner organisations.