Disclosure Scotland fees: discounting, waivers and accredited bodies consultation May 2024

The CLD Standards Council has responded to the Scottish Governments Disclosure Scotland fees: discounting, waivers and accredited bodies consultation. This consultation is seeking views on proposed fee discounts for certain groups applying for Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme membership disclosures and views on the fees applied to organisations acting as accredited bodies. Disclosure Scotland has not previously taken an income-based approach to setting fees and are exploring the feasibility of offering discounts for people who are most likely to be affected by any increase, however there are unintended impacts to these proposals that need to be considered, and which we have highlighted in our response.

This response was compiled following consultation with members of the CLD Standards Council, partner organisations, staff team and stakeholders. For CLD Standards Council members, we ran and digital survey in line with the questions posed by Scottish Government, and we answered all questions and included members comments. We also attended online consultation discussions with partners and stakeholders, as well as gathered views from our staff team. Please read our full response.