Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment – public consultation Response January 2023


The Scottish Government is conducting a number of reviews across 2022/2023 into the future of Scottish education with the aim of hearing from the widest possible range of voices and views. Arising from recommendations in the Muir Report (2022), Putting Learners at the Centre, the National Discussion on Scottish Education was focused on gathering views from the public on a future vision for Scottish Education. The independent review, on the future of Qualification and Assessment, is part of that discussion and specifically focuses on the review of qualifications and assessment.

Full Information on Professor Hayward’s Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment – public consultation is available on the Scottish Government website.

CLD Standards Council Response

As part of the CLD Standards Council core responsibilities are to “Deliver a professional approvals structure for qualifications, courses and development opportunities for everyone involved in CLD” and “Develop and establish a model of supported induction, professional learning and training opportunities”, we are critically aware that Community Learning and Development (CLD) practitioners, across Scotland, in Local Authority, Third Sector and other organisations are delivering learning and accreditation to Young People, Adults, Families and Communities. We formed this response to support the work throughout the CLD sector and ensure discussions are had around qualifications and assessments that support lifelong and life wide learning.