New Scot Integration Strategy: Phase Two Joint Response – February 2024

The CLD Standards Council and Education Scotland delivered a joint consultation session, which was developed in partnership with the Scottish Refugee Council, for CLD Standards Council members. This was to gather views from Community Learning & Development (CLD) practitioners, stakeholders and volunteers working with New Scots in CLD roles across Scotland and across the CLD sector – including local authority, third sector and Colleges. We wanted the opportunity to gather views of those experienced in working with New Scots, to help inform and shape the review of this strategy during its second phase. We reviewed key areas of the strategy, such as vision, local services, New Scots Partnerships, support and guidance. There was a clear focus throughout on language acquisition and the role that community and college based ESOL opportunities, alongside CLD services, plays in supporting integration for New Scots across Scotland.

Please read the joint response based on practitioners views and evidence of current practice, which was submitted on 9th February 2024.

To Note:

The data, views and evidence were submitted but are not published here.

The CLD Standards Council also submitted a response in December 2023