Professional Learning


The Standards Council wants to see practitioners continuing their professional development throughout their involvement in CLD, with professional learning as an integral part of their practice.

The CPD committee sets the direction for the Standards Council’s work on professional development, ensuring that we respond to the challenges and opportunities identified by the field, that professional development is high on the Standards Council’s agenda at all times and that we engage with and influence relevant broader developments.

In 2011, the Standards Council published the first national Continuing Professional Development strategy for CLD. It promoted a “learning culture”, where practitioners, paid or unpaid, are involved in a continuous process of learning, development and improvement.

It committed the Standards Council to developing a web-based framework to support creative and innovative learning and development for CLD practitioners. i-develop provides this framework through which practitioners can shape their own professional learning, individually and collectively. You can access i-develop and become a registered user if you haven’t already done so here.

In 2015, the updated Professional Development Strategy provides the focus for the next stage of support for CLD practitioners to “grow the learning culture” and for all partners to contribute to this support.

The Action Framework maps out the next steps in growing the learning culture in CLD and will assist practitioners, employers and other partners to identify the practical steps we can take together to achieve the ambitions set out in the Strategy. All partners can use Growing the Learning Culture for Workforce Development to support them in doing this.

The Standards Council has also worked with partners to develop the Standards Council Standards Mark, which supports employers to develop their organisation as a learning community for their workforce.

You can watch Gillian Lithgow, former Chair of the CPD Committee, explain what the committee has set out to achieve here: