The CLD Response to COVID-19: survey results from wave 1

The CLD Standards Council asked practitioners to complete a short survey to gather information and examples on the CLD Response to COVID-19. The results from the first wave of the survey to the 19 April 2020 have now been collected.

The report highlights that “the workforce has been resilient, agile and quick to respond to young people, learners and community needs with practitioners being an essential link between people and Council, College, Community and Government, and delivering, enabling or co-ordinating services such as digital skills, health advice, utilities access, community resources, welfare / employment rights, governance, befriending, food / medicine distribution, mental health support, community cohesion, education and learning. Key to this role has been CLD practitioners’ access and knowledge of local communities and networks. Data showed that services are being directed towards at risk and / or vulnerable young people, families and community members with examples of people working with addictions, homeless, BAME, refugees / asylum seekers and disabled communities”. It recommends actions for CLD partnerships to support the essential role being undertaken by CLD practitioners.

Please respond to Wave 2 of the survey

The survey is open to collect a second wave of information to build the picture over time. Whether you responded to wave 1 or not, please take the time to contribute to wave 2.
Please complete the survey here:
Please also pass this link on to any CLD colleagues. We really appreciate your support with this task at this busy time.