CLD Response to COVID-19 Survey: Wave 3 Results

The CLD Standards Council asked practitioners to complete a short survey to gather information and examples on the CLD Response to COVID-19.

The responses are being reviewed in monthly waves. Wave 3 ran from 19 May to 17 June 2020.

112 practitioners responded to wave 3 of the CLDSC’s survey of the CLD Response to COVID-19. Two thirds of these had not responded previously so the reach of the survey has increased.

Wave 3 results confirmed that CLD practitioners are involved in essential front-line responses to Covid 19 in a variety of ways. A smaller proportion of respondents than previously reported involvement in supporting Vulnerable adults, and a higher proportion that they were involved in School hubs, which appears to reflect changes in needs and priorities. A point of concern is that there was an increase in the proportion of respondents worried about wellbeing at work.

Statistical results for wave 3

Previous wave results

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What’s next ?

Wave 4 of the survey was closed on the 31 July. We are now analysing the data and considering how to best present the findings form the survey so far and to capture CLD practitioners’ experiences and impact in the next stages of recovery.