CLD Workforce Survey – Working with Scotland’s Communities

Update January 2019

The CLD Standards Council and Education Scotland commissioned Rocket Science to carry out research into the CLD workforce in Scotland, following up on previous surveys, most recently in 2015. Rocket Science have now completed the data collection; this includes survey responses from over a hundred organisations, other stakeholders, around 1,000 practitioners employed in CLD and 150 CLD volunteer practitioners, and the output from 50 interviews involving a cross-section of respondents.

Rocket Science have started work on a report, which will provide an evidenced estimate for the number of CLD staff in Scotland, and an  analysis of the CLD workforce in terms of age, gender, diversity, terms and conditions, level of identification with CLD, qualifications, professional learning, and career opportunities. It will go on to consider evidence on demand for and supply of CLD resources, on how CLD is changing and membership of the CLDSC and other bodies.

Practitioners’ commitment to their work and the principles that underpin it, and job satisfaction arising from this despite adversity in terms of funding pressures and uncertainties over the future, is one of the themes highlighted in early analysis. Addressing the gap between demand and supply, increasing the diversity of the workforce, changing its age profile and strengthening the inclusion of third sector organisations and practitioners in the development of CLD are among the issues that are emerging. CLD Standards Council and Education Scotland and key partners are working with Rocket Science to shape the final report and looking to follow-up action on its conclusions once these are identified.