CLDSC Member Bulletin – 13 January 2021

CLD Student Placements and COVID-19

CLDSC is aware of the impact that the ongoing lockdown situation is having on CLD Students and Education Providers in completing or arranging of their mandatory placement hours towards professional recognition. CLDSC is asking all providers to continue following the guidance published in September 2020 that provides exceptional allowances for CLD Standards Council approved qualifications in light of Covid-19 restrictions.

This guidance is designed to cover the full 2020-2021 academic year and it is expected the guidance will continue to apply to all students who have been impacted by Covid-19 restrictions as they work towards the completion of their studies in future academic years. CLDSC are continuing to have discussions with the Education Providers and with colleagues across the UK responsible for approval of similar qualifications. Please keep checking back to our Guidance page on the website for any changes.

CLDSC Conference Videos

If you missed any of the CLDSC Conference held on 1 and 2 December 2020 or if you’d like to remind yourself of what went on, we have good news! Inputs from Richard Lochhead, MSP; Alan Sherry (CLDSC Chair); Dr Sinead Gormally (Glasgow University); Nicola McAndrew (Scottish Government); Professor Karen McArdle (Professor Emeritus, Aberdeen University); and Kevin Ditcham and Dominique Carlisle-Kitz (CLDSC committee members) are now available to view on i-develop.

Virtual Meet-Up on Tuesday 26 January 1- 2pm

The focus of our Virtual Meet-Up on Tuesday 26 January 1- 2pm will be on Supporting Professional Learning Together. See the CLDSC information for Supporting Professional Learning Together on i-develop where you will find information about how to volunteer or take part in:

  • CLDSC Connecters –making the most of networks and communities of practice
  • CLDSC Buddies – experienced CLD practitioners informally supporting those newer to the field
  • CLDSC Peer Mentor – support and challenge from a peer.
  • CLDSC PL Verifiers – help to reflect on and record your professional learning and to verify for registration and re-registration purposes.

Register now on Eventbrite.

SG consultation on Climate Change draft public engagement strategy: CLDSC response

The Scottish Government has published a consultation paper, Net Zero Nation: Draft Public Engagement Strategy for Climate Change. Its starting point is that “widespread participation and engagement is essential if we are to successfully limit the effects of climate change, prepare for the impacts that are already locked in, and harness the opportunities to innovate and adapt to a changing climate”, and it recognises that “those working with people and communities in areas relevant to climate change policy” will have an essential role in delivery of the strategy. “The main audience for this strategy are these delivery stakeholders” so CLD practitioners can be seen as potentially having a key role: “trusted messengers to ensure that the public are put at the heart of our national approach”.

We will be engaging with CLDSC members to formulate a response before the closing date of 17 March. You can access the draft strategy on the Scottish Government website.

CHEX Conference

CHEX, the Community Health Exchange, are running their online conference on 2nd & 3rd March, with a menu of workshops exploring the impact of Health Issues in the Community (HIIC) across Scotland. HIIC is a course that helps people understand what affects their health and the health of their communities. CHEX say: “At a time when the impact of inequality on health and wellbeing has never been clearer, it is increasingly important that communities are supported to have a voice in changing things for the better. HIIC does this”.

Further details CHEX website.