CLDSC Member Bulletin – 20 May 2020

Welcome to the weekly CLDSC bulletin

Survey on CLD Response to COVID-19: Wave 2

Thanks again to those who responded to our CLD survey in Wave 2. The data highlights that the CLD sector’s contribution and response to community need, learning and education, information and advice continues. People are delivering services face-to-face and engaging with young people, learners and communities on new digital platforms. Comprehensive access to technology remains a challenge and people are concerned about long term issues such as project funding and employment security. However, people are adapting to new roles, responsibilities and new ways of working, telling us that they are “really very proud to be part of CLD”. The full data analysis of Wave 2 will be available shortly.

CLD Buddies and PL Mentors

Thanks to those members who have come forward to do this. Before we can offer out this support, we still need a few more volunteers to become

  • CLD Buddies available for a chat or meet-up with those looking to talk through a situation or a challenge and to bounce ideas off someone
  • PL mentors to provide guidance and assistance, particularly for those who practise in more isolated contexts and in some cases to verify a member’s PL for re-registration purposes.

Please get in touch with us through for more information.

Virtual Meet-Up #1 Feedback

Thanks so much to all of you (over 50!) who participated in our very first Virtual Meet-Up last week. There was a great atmosphere in the ‘room’ and it was fabulously organised and hosted by CLDSC members Kevin Ditcham and Jenni Snell.

The theme was Relationships and key points coming out of the session include:

  • The Covid-19 situation has enabled CLD practitioners to meet, work with and get to know people from within and across sectors they previously wouldn’t have had the opportunity to engage with.
  • The digital divide has been amplified, but the innovation and creativity of CLD practitioners is helping to bridge the gap.
  • Social distancing has enabled virtual connectedness – especially for CLD practitioners in more rural/remote areas.
  • Oh yes, and there’s a definite sense of Virtual Quiz Fatigue across the country

So what next? Well, a poll of those attending told us that 100% want to do it again – so we will! We will establish monthly Virtual Meet-Ups which will be theme based and led by you, the CLDSC Membership. The next Meet-Up will be Friday 12 June, topic and further details will be issued soon. #BecauseOfCLD

Supporting Communities Safely – Advice for community groups, organisations and volunteer networks

SCDC has published a new resource to support community organisations to carry out their vital work safely during the Covid-19 outbreak. SCDC has worked with colleagues at Public Health Scotland to produce advice, and Health Protection Scotland have checked the technical content in detail to reinforce confidence in its messages.

This free, online resource provides up to date and accurate information that will help volunteers, community groups and networks to continue to deliver vital support in the safest way possible including:

  • How to safely promote an organisation’s services
  • Keeping volunteers safe and fit to provide services
  • How to get help with complex care needs
  • Safely collecting and delivering items
  • How to cook and transport hot meals

The resource information is available on the SCDC website

Education Scotland Big CLD Blether – 28 May 3-4 pm

Education Scotland are holding a virtual event for CLD Practitioners where they can connect online in a safe space to discuss issues they are working through and, where relevant, to share resources or to highlight interesting practice.
The broad themes for discussion at this meeting will be:

  • Theme 1 – Operational challenges – eg Redeployment or furloughing of CLD staff; transferring CLD services online etc.
  • Theme 2 – Engagement and learning – what’s working well?
  • Theme 3 – Supporting the health and wellbeing of CLD participants and staff.
  • Theme 4 – Looking forward – CLD engagement after the lockdown.

Participants will be asked to submit a question/key topic within these themes when they register, to generate the conversation.
Find further information and registration on the Education Scotland site.

Mental Health Awareness Week 18 – 24 May 2020

“focusing on the power and potential of kindness. We think it could be the most important week we’ve hosted, not least because our own research shows that protecting our mental health is going to be central to us coping with and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic – with the psychological and social impacts likely to outlast the physical symptoms of the virus.”

Mark Rowland Chief Executive

What better time therefore to show yourself some kindness and put your CLD Code of Ethics into practice Ethic number 12 – Self-care should be considered very important at this time.
Self-care: We will work to ensure CLD practice is consistent with the safety, health and wellbeing of CLD practitioners.
When the world is a strange old place and every day seems to bring a different challenge it is vitally important to take care of your own well-being. If we don’t take the time to focus on our own wellbeing will we be able to help/support others to the best of our ability?

STOPP – gives some hints and tips but just thinking in our heads “STOP” may work! And breathe …
WAIT – Give ourselves a time out – could be a coffee (other beverages are available), a bar of chocolate, a walk, some mediation; the options are endless and only you will know what will work for you.
Go You – Hopefully that little bit of kindness to yourself will give you some new found energy to tackle the next thing on the list!

And remember other people could benefit from Ethic 12 Self-care so have a chat with someone and remind them that they too need to consider Self-care.

Full details of the other ethics can be found on the CLD Standards Council website.

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