CLDSC Member Bulletin – 27 January 2021

Supporting Professional Learning Together Virtual Meet-Up

First launched at our members’ conference in December, Supporting Professional Learning Together was the topic of the first Virtual Meet-Up of 2021 this week.

Over 30 CLDSC members shared their ideas and began to make connections, expand networks and benefit from each other’s experience. There was a feeling that this year, more than ever, we need to be supporting each other. It’s not too late for you to get involved:

  • CLDSC Buddies – are you a CLD practitioner who could share your experience? Or are you newer to CLD practice and would like to chat with someone with more experience? You could be buddies!
  • CLDSC Peer Mentor – a professional development opportunity offering support and challenge to/from a peer.
  • CLDSC Professional Learning Verifiers – would you like support to discuss your career development? Or could you help a CLD practitioner reflect on and record professional learning and verify it for CLDSC registration and re-registration purposes?

Complete this survey on SmartSurvey to let us know what you are interested in and we will channel our inner Cilla Black to match you up!

Interested but not yet a CLDSC member? Join CLDSC today!

Virtual Meet-Up Friday 26 February 1- 2 p.m.

Climate Change public engagement strategy – CLDSC response

Our next Members’ Meet-up on 26 February will focus on the CLDSC response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Net Zero Nation: Draft Public Engagement Strategy for Climate Change.

The strategy aims to support “widespread participation and engagement” as an essential part of successfully limiting the effects of climate change, preparing for the impacts that are already locked in, and harnessing the opportunities to innovate and adapt to a changing climate; so CLD practitioners potentially have a key role.

The CLDSC will be submitting a response to highlight this role, seeking to ensure that it is fully reflected in the final strategy. Join the meet-up to find out more and contribute your views.

Register on Eventbrite to attend the Virtual meet-up.

CLD COVID-19 Placement guidance for Academic year 2020-21

As COVID-19 continues to impact on all our lives, CLDSC are continuing to engage with our Stakeholders and our colleagues across the UK via Joint Education Training Standards (JETS) to review and discuss our Guidance for CLD Students and programme providers. More information on JETS can be found on our Partnership Working page.

We will continue to review the guidance as situations arise. Please keep checking back to our Guidance page on the website for any changes. The current guidance COVID-19 Placement Guidance Academic Year 2020-21 September 2020 is the most up-to-date guidance at this point.

Practice Placement Focus Groups

Calling all students and practice supervisors. In our commitment to engage with Stakeholders we intend to set up 2 Practice Placement Focus Groups. One for Students and 1 for Practice Supervisors.

The first meeting of each focus group will be Chaired by Dr Marion Allison, Director of CLD Standards Council Scotland.

  • Students Focus Group 2 February 2021 12:00 – 13:00
  • Practice Supervisors Focus Group 4 February 2021 10:00 – 11:00

The purpose of the focus groups is to allow Students and Practice Supervisors involved in approved CLD programmes to engage with CLDSC as the Professional Body for CLD. The focus groups will provide you with an opportunity to share your practice experiences, thoughts, ideas or questions not only with CLDSC but with other supervisors or students across Scotla

We apologise for the short notice on this but we felt it was important to set these focus groups up as soon as possible.

If you want to get involved and help shape your Practice Placement experience please contact us at Please title your message either Student Focus Group or Practice Supervisors Focus Group. This will allow us to add you to an attendance list and send you links to the meeting which will be held on Zoom.

Carnegie UK Trust Digital Services Delivery Summary Paper

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the landscape that services operate within. Traditionally face-to-face delivery organisations have been forced to move online, many for the first time, as lockdowns and continued social distancing has meant it impossible or impractical to deliver their work in person.

To support organisations as they continue to navigate this process, Carnegie UK Trust partnered with Your Own Place to produce ‘Our Digital Lockdown Journey’, a blog and vlog series during 2020, exploring how organisations have managed to continue providing vital services by shifting online. The Trust has now published a short summary paper: ‘Going Digital or Going Bust’, which brings together the key insights, learnings and questions raised through the series. Topics explored include tensions in delivering outcomes when delivery models change, safeguarding, the role of values, impacts on the team and cost.

College Development Network Professional Learning opportunities

CDN is planning a new series of Virtual Bridge Webinars. Some topics are FE specific, however there are a range of upcoming webinars which CLD practitioners might find useful.

CDN has also launched the brand-new podcast series – Pedagogy Matters, which aims to shine a light on key aspects of pedagogy, and how these can be realised in current practice, whether that be online delivery, face-to-face delivery, or a mixture of both. The podcasts follow a conversational format with professionals from the FE and college sector across the UK, sharing their views, experiences and insights across different elements of pedagogy, what it means to them and how they can be integrated within daily practice. In the first podcast episode the topic of ‘Retrieval Practice’ was discussed. This podcast is now online and available to listen for free. There is also a short video looking at the what, the why and the when of Retrieval Practice, view the video on YouTube.

And finally, the resource Working Remotely gives insights and tips on how to manage yourself and your space, so that you can stay focused, effective, and motivated. It was created to support staff across the college sector, but has top tips for all of us working remotely!

Nominate for the Young Scot Awards 2021

If you know any inspiring young people (11 to 26 year olds) who deserve recognition nominate them for a Young Scot Award by the 14 February.

There are 13 categories to nominate for including community, volunteering, environment and equality and diversity for young people working to improve the lives of others, or Young hero for recognition of courage against the odds.

Find full details on how to nominate on the Young Scot Awards website.