CLDSC Members’ Bulletin – 1 April 2020

“The only thing that is constant is change.”

Heraclitus (535-475BC)

Yet frequently change comes as a surprise to us, a shock even. Whether it’s the depth, the range or its very existence, change never ceases to cause ripples to our perceived normality. Few of us, however, would have ever anticipated the impact created by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we begin to settle into the new normal, we have had, both as individuals and organisations, to respond to a wide variety of issues generated by the outbreak.

As your professional body, in our responses to these issues, concerns and quandaries, we have put our CLD Values and Ethics at the core. The health and wellbeing of CLD practitioners is central (Ethics: Duty of Care, Self-Care), yet we also must ensure, now more than ever, that the quality, professionalism and value of practice delivered by CLD practitioners is not weakened. As the professional body for Community Learning and Development, it is not only our mission, but also an obligation to our learners and communities, to drive high standards of professional practice in the sector through our approvals, registration and professional learning objectives.

As CLD Standards Council, we will, no doubt, need to respond to other issues which come to light as our society reacts to a fast-evolving situation. Maintaining standards is critical, but we will be open as to how this is achieved. To paraphrase Victor Hugo, we will change our leaves, but keep intact our roots.

News and updates

Latest Approvals News

CLD Approved Courses Practice Placement Guidelines

CLD Standards Council has developed guidance around how to manage practice placements during this current situation. This guidance relates to both Higher Education and Further Education courses which have been approved by CLDSC either through our Professional Approval Route or our Developmental Approval Route. In addition to the guidance, we have produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Both documents can be found on the CLD Standards Council website.

For CLD Students undertaking Practice Placements as part of approved CLDSC qualifications, some things will change – it may be the amount of practice placement hours required to complete the course, the type of work carried out and evidenced as practice, or the setting in which practice takes place. However, it’s important to recognise that some things won’t change; not least the quality of support CLD students can expect from both educational providers and CLDSC, and the standard of practice communities can expect from CLD practitioners.

New CLD approved course from the University of Edinburgh

From 2021, the University of Edinburgh will be offering a new course. Students studying for the new Bachelor of Arts (Ordinary) Learning in Communities can progress to a Master of Arts (Honours) Learning in Communities. The 3 year BA programme has been awarded Professional Approval by the CLD Standards Council. Whilst the MA (Hons) element is not an approved programme it will be recognised for Registration purposes with CLD Standards Council Scotland. The Approvals Review Panel were excited and positive about the programme whilst acknowledging that the course is still in the developmental stage. The CLD Standards Council are keen to support this process where they can. For further information about the course contact Stuart Moir at the University of Edinburgh.

Youth Highland awarded CLD Standards Mark

The CLD Standards Mark has been awarded to Youth Highland and will be valid from 2019 to 2022. The panel wished to thank Youth Highland for the quality of their submission. The detailed evidence submitted clearly demonstrated the strength of the organisation’s professional learning practice. The panel also commented that Youth Highlands approaches and processes show a clear commitment to the CLD profession.

Disclosure Scotland PVG Processing

Disclosure Scotland have announced that they are making a temporary change to the processing of applications.
Checks for those who have the most vital roles supporting the country during this time will be prioritised, and paper applications will no longer be accepted.
For further advice see the Disclosure Scotland web pages

Professional Learning Opportunity

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