Public Register vote

Following on from discussions in our member committees it has been proposed that we make the CLD Standards Council register of members public.
This is a matter for our membership to decide so we are asking members to vote.

There are a number of reasons for making the register public :-

  • Having a public register is a declaration that we are an open and proud profession. Happy to be recognised and identify with our member colleagues.
  • Having a public register is consistent with the majority of regulatory bodies such as GTCS and SSSC
  • It will make it simpler for members to provide evidence when applying for jobs
  • It will make it simpler for employers verifying applicants for jobs
  • If someone wished to make a complaint about a practitioner they could verify if the person was a member or not.

The Public Register would be available online to be queried by Name and would give the following details about a member :-

  • Name
  • Membership status
  • Geographical region the member predominantly works in

Please note that this information can already be accessed by employers or complainants if they make a direct enquiry to the CLD Standards Council giving a specific name.

A vote email was issued to members on the 15 February 2019.  If you did NOT receive this email please contact us by email on with a subject of “Public Register Vote” giving your full name and indicate your choice

Should there be a public register YES


Should there be a public register NO

Please do NOT email us if you have already voted using the email vote option.

The vote will close on the 8th of March 2019.
After that date we will count the votes and the decision will be made on the votes received and we will notify all members.