Statement from the CLD Standards Council and The University of Glasgow – 26 June 2023

See updated statement February 2024

The University of Glasgow and the CLD Standards Council Scotland recognise that this is a particularly stressful time for students and staff.

The University is doing everything it can to mitigate against the impact of this period of industrial action and has written to all affected students with the latest information, advice and support.

The University has committed that no student will be prevented from graduating or onwards progression if they are eligible to do so. Graduating students who have not received grades can attend graduation ceremonies and will receive a parchment, pending final confirmation of their degree classification. Continuing students can also enrol in the next stage of their degree programmes.

The CLD Standards Council confirmed that the University of Glasgow currently holds professional approval for the BA/BA(HONS) in Community Development, as a suitable course of study for employment within the distinct profession of Community Learning and Development. They continue to ensure that all professional standards are upheld and are working directly with the University on this basis. As a professional standards body the CLD Standards Council have no involvement in the industrial dispute.

Students and employers should raise any associated queries directly with the University.