Democracy Matters Phase 2 Consultation March 2024

This consultation by Scottish Government provided another opportunity for as many voices as possible to be heard to help shape future democratic systems and processes.

We wanted to ensure the voices of CLD practitioners were captured in phase 2 of this consultation, which was focusing on the draft Democracy Matters legislation and guides developed so far. This included key areas such as power, autonomy and resources to be shared with communities, a new community decision making body with alternative selection methods to offer a more diverse set of people are involved, relationships, boundaries and ideas on how to nurture community capacity. We believe CLD practitioners both paid and voluntary, are best placed in terms of their skills and relationships with communities to co-ordinate activities and demonstrate good practice. It is essential to acknowledge that community development practitioners already play a crucial role in supporting the skills and learning needed for the implementation and development of community groups in response to emerging need.

The CLD Standards Council submitted a full response to phase two of this consultation on 8th March 2024, which you can read here .