Adult Learning survey

The Adult Learning survey from the Scottish Government is now open and we would like your help to encourage adult learners to complete the survey.

The survey is being conducted by the Scottish Government in partnership with Education Scotland and the CLD Standards Council.  The information from the survey will be used to develop the Adult Learning Strategy for Scotland.

We would like to invite Adult learners in Scotland to complete the survey to tell us about where they learn, why they learn, when they learn and how their learning experience could be improved.

The survey is designed to capture the views of all adult learners but we are especially interested in hearing from those who have faced barriers whilst trying to access and progress through learning. We are also very interested in hearing from adults who are uncertain about their learning journey.

Access the Adult Learning survey via the following link:

Please highlight this survey to your adult learners to help build the future strategy to meet their needs.

The survey is estimated to take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Survey now CLOSED 2 March 2020.  Paper responses will be accepted until 16 March 2020. Paper responses should be sent to Linda Cummings, address below.

Survey in alternate languages

The survey is available to complete in document form in alternate languages –

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – Arabic – MSA

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – Bengali

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – Bulgarian

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – CANTONESE

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – FARSI

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – HINDI

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – Mandarin

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – POLISH

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – Romanian

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – RUSSIAN 

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – Tigrinya

PDF: Adult Learning Survey – Urdu

If responses could be transferred into the online English version that would be most helpful, or completed printed copies can be returned before the end of February to –

Linda Cummings, Policy Officer, CLD, Colleges Young Workforce and SFC Sponsorship Division, Scottish Government, Directorate for Advance Learning and Science, 5 Atlantic Quay, 150 Broomielaw, G2 8LU

CLD Standards Council