Guidelines for Professional Practice Placement


These guidelines were originally published in 2017.  The CLD Standards Council has subsequently undertaken a review of these guidelines, seeking feedback from providers and students. The new Standards for Practice Placements will be launched in Autumn 2021.

While you can refer to the original guidelines for the moment please ensure you consult the new standards when published.

What these guidelines are for –Cover of the Guidelines for Professional Practice Placement publication

These Guidelines were developed to create a set of guiding principles for placement practice to promote quality placement experiences.
The guide will be useful for CLD Students, Placement Agencies and Educational Providers.
It acknowledges the diversity of practices by considering what constitutes a CLD placement and defines the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.

Download the guidelines

Guidelines for Professional Practice Placement in CLD

Printed copies are available on request.

Why and how the guidelines were developed

Practice placements within programmes of professional study are very important in order to ensure that the programmes fully prepare students for practice.  Through the Approvals process, the CLD Standards Council continues to protect and promote the practice placement model.
Placements require a strong partnership between learners, the field of CLD practice, and educational providers. The need for a guide to support the field in their work with students was identified by the education providers.
Building on the well-established placement system of strong co-operation and exchange these guidelines were developed by the Professional Placement Review Group comprising of practitioners, students and academics.