CLD Review.. that means you!

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Announcing the commitment in an update to Parliament, Minister for Higher Education and Further Education Graeme Dey confirmed that the Scottish Government will carry out a review into Community Learning Development (CLD). The independent review of CLD in Scotland will run from December until June 2024. It will examine the extent to which CLD is delivering positive outcomes for some of Scotland’s most vulnerable learners and marginalised groups.

Mr Dey said: “Our review of CLD will identify strengths and highlight areas for improvement so that, as we progress reforms, we can ensure that everyone benefits. It is critically important for us to be able to identify strengths in our current approach to CLD and to highlight where improvements may be necessary.”

In recognition of the changing landscape and emerging needs of learners, the Scottish Government committed to reviewing the CLD regulations in 2021. The Minister for Higher and Further Education has requested this commitment to be taken beyond the legislative requirements for CLD with a focus on how the CLD service offers support and development to learners in Scotland’s communities. The statutory basis for CLD is under sections 1 and 2 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 (the 1980 Act):

Section 1 places duties on education authorities to secure adequate and efficient provision of further education for their area

The Requirements for Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013, were made under section 2 of the 1980 Act which allows Ministers to prescribe the standards and requirements which education authorities must comply with when discharging their statutory functions under section 1 of the Act. They set requirements in relation to the process to be undertaken by education authorities in securing CLD provision. Under the Requirements, local authorities must publish a plan every 3 years containing information about the provision of CLD within their area.

Changes across the policy landscape have highlighted a need to further collaborate on planning to ensure young people and adults achieve the skills and support they need to progress.

There has been extensive work carried out across the Scottish Government to develop an education and skills system that is fit for the future. As this work continues to develop, their ambition is to ensure that all parts of the system work in synergy to provide the right level of support to help learners to achieve the best possible outcomes to maximise their potential. The independent review of CLD will consider recommendations outlined by Professor Ken Muir, Professor Louise Hayward and James Withers to fully understand the extent to which the skills of CLD practitioners and the impact of CLD practice on marginalised learners are delivering outcomes towards the shared priorities of education and skills reform. It will also link to Post School Education, research and Skills- Purpose and Principles following a recent consultation.

For further information, including initial details regarding the scope of the review and timescales please visit the Scottish Governments Independent Review of Community Learning and Development: terms of reference

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