CLDSC Member Bulletin – 08 September 2021

Scottish Government Programme for Government 2021-22

CLD and issues of interest to CLDSC members are well represented in the Programme for Government published on 7 September 2021

CLDSC welcomes the commitment to “review the regulations for community learning and development, to ensure that they are fit for purpose, increase investment to support the sector and provide additional grant funding to increase opportunities for vulnerable learners.”  We look forward to supporting this review and involving CLDSC membership.

Other areas of interest to CLD practitioners include: 

  • Conclusion of the Local Governance Review and introduction of a Local Democracy Bill.  “The next phases of the review will provide communities with opportunities to pinpoint the powers and resources they need to help tackle climate change.”
  • Review of the Community Empowerment Act.  “…we will take forward a range of legislative reforms which ensure we give local communities and organisations greater powers over their own future. We will  to consider how local communities can have more of a say over how local public assets are used – whether that is taking on the ownership or management of land or buildings, delivery of services to members of their community, or more say in how services are delivered, assets are used and resources are allocated.”
  • Implementation of Green Participatory Budgeting with agreed target levels of funding.  “We will explore the use of Participatory Budgeting in 2021 22 as part of our wider support for community led climate action. We will also identify opportunities at COP26 to develop the concept of Participatory Budgeting for climate action – both in Scotland and abroad – and identify opportunities to develop programmes specifically involving schools and young people.”
  • Continued promotion of the Place Standard Tool for community engagement in placemaking, “including spreading learning from our climate lens Place Standard to help inform the roll out of 20 minute neighbourhoods across Scotland”.
  • Wellbeing Economy – “we will set up a group of external advisors to provide international and expert guidance on developing a wellbeing economy, and appoint a Wellbeing Economy Ambassador to promote this work. We will develop a set of wellbeing indicators for Scotland with a dashboard to monitor and track economic success … over the next five years, we will invest £200 million specifically in adult upskilling and retraining opportunities”
  • Continuation of the Connecting Scotland programme.
  • Strengthening Collaboration commitment –  working “with SCVO and COSLA to progress further a multi year funding model. We will work with Third Sector Interfaces, who act as a single point of access for support and advice for third sector organisations in their local area, to strengthen their influence, and revise their funding formula to give more support to the areas of highest deprivation. We will bring forward legislation to improve Charity Law, strengthening the legal and regulatory framework and enhancing public trust in this vital sector.”
  • Funding for third sector organisations working with children, families and adult learners. “Starting from April 2023, we will also provide up to £16 million for each of the next two financial years in funding for third sector organisations which work with children, families and adult learners, to ensure that sustained, high quality support is available to vulnerable groups.”
  • Citizens’ Assemblies – “The Assembly will be established and completed in this Parliament, with a response to its recommendations debated and agreed within 6 months of being provided. We will also introduce a brand new Citizens’ Assembly for under 16’s, so that the generation who will grow up with the consequences of the decisions we take now can be involved in making them. We will also consider a new approach to ensuring the interests of future generations are taken into account in decisions made today, through a Future Generations Commission.”
  • New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy refreshed and expanded.  “We will… award £2.8 million in EU funding to new projects to spread good practices and support innovation under the outcomes and objectives of the Strategy.”

CLD Standards Mark Approval – Jack Kane Community Centre 

The Approval Committee of CLDSC are delighted to confirm Standards Mark Approval for Jack Kane Community Centre has been granted. Congratulations! The Approval Panel noted that they were impressed with the good quality of the submission and heartened that CLD focus is embedded throughout the organisation. 

If your organisation would like to discuss Standards Mark Approval and obtain recognition for the CLD professional learning offered to staff and volunteers our Standards Mark information webpage is a good starting point. 

Learning for Sustainability Awards – last chance for nominations 

The closing date for nominations for the Learning for Sustainability Awards is 12 September 2021.  We hope you’ll be encouraged to submit a nomination so we can celebrate the valuable ways that Community Learning and Development providers help to build sustainable communities.  There are 6 categories:

    • Recognising the achievements of young people aged 3-26 years
    • Recognising the achievements of early learning and childcare practitioners and school teachers
    • Recognising the achievements of head teachers, heads of centre, managers, authority staff and promoted staff in school and setting leadership teams
    • Recognising the achievements of early learning and childcare settings and schools
    • Recognising the achievements of individuals who provide invaluable support for learning
    • Recognising the achievements of community learning and development providers.

CLD practice makes a significant contribution to Learning for Sustainability, so please consider nominating. Find out more and nominate on the Learning for Sustainability Awards website

Connecting Scotland – open for applications 

The Connecting Scotland programme aims to close the digital divide, with a target of bringing 60,000 households online by the end of 2021. 

Organisations can apply for support on behalf of the people they work with. This includes:

  • Digital devices – iPads and/or Chromebooks
  • Internet connectivity – a mobile WiFi hotspot with 24 months unlimited data  
  • Training and support – for staff and volunteers to become ‘digital champions’ to support people to use the internet confidently and safely

From 30 August – 27 September the programme will be accepting applications from organisations working to remove barriers related to digital exclusion for unemployed young people and adults (aged 16+).
From 28 September the programme will be accepting fast track applications from organisations that can identify users who are:

  • Digitally excluded, and
  • On a low income, and
  • At risk of social isolation and loneliness (particularly older people, people with disabilities, and single parents) 

Please visit the Connecting Scotland webpage for full details and guidance


CARN (Collaborative Action Research Network) is holding its annual international conference, CARNival online from 2nd to 10th October 2021, hosted by Dundee.  Last year 32 countries were represented.  It covers the disciplines associated with Education, Communities and Health and Well Being.  Attached are early programmes for the event. You can register for the event on the CARN website.

Please note that bursaries are available and further information is available from Karen McArdle   Please note that the registration fee of £30 covers membership of CARN, the international network of researchers,  as well as the conference.

Community Connections –Historic Environment Scotland (HES)

The Community Connections Programme was designed by the HES Community Support Working Group that came together during 2020.  The programme is designed to promote and contribute to COVID recovery and renewal across communities, heritage and other sectors. 

Are you a community all about a place, a group brought together through shared interest, or an organisation supporting communities? Would you like support to help you bounce back and thrive post-pandemic? HES is ready to collaborate with you!  The new Community Connections Programme will deliver a range of exciting, collaborative projects showing how the heritage that matters to you has a vital role to play in supporting your community’s recovery and renewal – often in surprising and creative ways!

The Community Connections Programme is open to developing and collaborating on projects themed around:

  • health and wellbeing
  • skills and volunteering
  • creativity
  • climate change
  • community and destination regeneration

If you want to talk through ideas or activities that are a good fit with Community Connections Programme priorities and project themes you can get in touch by emailing;