Standards Mark approval for the Jack Kane Community Centre

The Approval Committee of CLDSC are delighted to confirm the Standards Mark Approval for Jack Kane Community Centre. The Approval Panel noted that they were impressed with the good quality of the submission and heartened that CLD focus is embedded throughout the organisation.

The panel wish to highlight a number of good factors within the submission:2

  • Impressed about the support to students and staff including the payment of the PVG fee
  • Young Peoples Committee being active and live is a clear commitment to the young people in their community.
  • There is a clear and strong workforce development focus.
  • The Support and Supervision document and the Log Book gave our panel members document envy and should be used as an exemplar for other providers.
  • The overall learning culture within the organisation demonstrates a joined up thinking approach and provides a bigger picture approach to practice.

Congratulations to Jack Kane Community Centre!