Ruminate Review

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Our work to make sure your views are included in the Independent Review of CLD continues apace! So far, our Member Meet-ups and engagement with stakeholders have allowed us to meet with over 260 members and gather your thoughts on what’s important for you, for our sector and for us as your professional body.

What’s happened so far?

Our dedicated i-develop space has all the information for you to review and add to. In response to requests from members at the Member Meet-up with Kate Still, Independent Reviewer on 1 February, the Review Team have prepared a guide to help to help frame the ‘ask’ in the practitioners/stakeholders survey questions. The “Call for Evidence Questions and Suggestions on Framing for supporting learners and practitioners to answer the Independent CLD Review Questions” document is in the Introduction with Kate Still section of the i-develop space (Member login required). The Review Team is also preparing answers to the questions you asked at the Meet-up and we will share this with you when it is available.

The review team is also arranging for translation of the learner questionnaire into a number of languages, and is finalising a facilitator’s guide to allow local focus groups to be sent up by practitioners (to help learners to engage with the consultation).

What’s next?

Our 2 remaining Member Meet-ups are available to book on Eventbrite. Please join us and share your thoughts.

Tuesday 27 February 13:30 – 15:00

Member Meet up 4 – Pathways & Progression – Register on Eventbrite to attend

Thursday 29 February 18:30 – 20:00

Member Meet up 5 – All themes – Register on Eventbrite to attend