The CLD Response to COVID-19 -wave 2 survey results

The CLD Standards Council asked practitioners to complete a short survey to gather information and examples on the CLD Response to COVID-19.

The responses are being reviewed in monthly waves. Wave 2 ran from 20 April to 18 May 2020.

The results from wave 2 continue to show that in response to issues arising from the pandemic and the lockdown, large majorities of respondents are involved in support for people of all ages, particularly those at risk, and in working with community organisations who ae themselves responding. A large majority point to positive ways in which they have used technology to adapt their practice to current needs. Sizable minorities of respondents have concerns over their own well-being, and issues over access to suitable technology.

Statistical results for wave 2

You can also view analysis of the first wave of the survey.

The fourth wave of the survey

Please complete the survey by the 17th July, and pass on to any colleagues: