CLDSC Member bulletin – 1 July 2020

CLD Response Survey Special

This week we are focusing on Wave 4 of our CLD Response to COVID-19 survey.

We have been asking you to complete this survey since the beginning of the pandemic and gathering your examples of how CLD practice is being utilised to support individuals and communities in the challenges that we all currently face.

How your data has been used

The data you have provided in previous waves of this survey has been used both to support sharing among practitioners and to highlight to decision-makers the role of CLD. It has informed the CLD Strategic Partnership, the Tertiary Education Strategy group, CLD Standards Council practice placement advice and the CLD guidance soon to be issued by Scottish Government.

Findings of the previous waves are available on the website –

The fourth wave of the survey

As we move out of lockdown and constraints begin to ease, we would also like to know how this is affecting your experiences and your practice. In addition to giving you the opportunity to share examples of success in adapting how you carry out your CLD role, the support you are getting for this and any issues, such as access to technology, affecting you in the current circumstances, the Wave 4 version of the survey asks about how things are changing. We want to hear how CLD practice is being adapted again as restrictions ease but social distancing and other measures are still in place. This will enable the CLD Standards Council to highlight examples of good practice, and to pick up any general issues affecting CLD practitioners. It is our intention that the data drawn from Wave 4 onwards will be of use as we look towards recovery and renewal

Please complete the survey:

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the survey to date, we now ask you to complete Wave 4 to tell us about the next chapter in your story. If you have not completed the survey before, don’t worry Wave 4 gives you the opportunity to answer the previous questions too!

Once again thanks for your continued engagement with this work, and please pass the survey link on to any colleagues.